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   Weight loss:

Slimming junction is an unique weightloss/inchloss center in vadoadara .Being a weightlos junction it has specialised in weight management where results are envitable .Here we employe various techniques ,efforts to get results.We employ advance machines to get the desired results -Weightloss,fatloss,inch loss. 


Slimming junction a Scientific way to Loose maintain weight/inch loss

What we offer

1) Services for mens and womens

2) Ladies trainer for ladies and gents trainer for gents

3)Privacy for ladies and gents -different timing

4)Diet counselling as per individaul need

5)One on one personal supervision and counselling

6)Customised solution for individual

7) Auyervedic and suppliment support if needed

8)Non surgical liposuction

9)Located at commercial center ample space for parking

10)Plan for weightmaintenance

Simply relax and burn more calorie then you would have burnt at Gym!

A complete holistic apporach towards your weight loss concern

Economical and result oriented







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