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Slimming junction is one of the renowned weightloss/inch loss services provider in vadodara , aiming  to provide quality reliable affordable weight/figure management services.We employ advance technology to get the best result Every client is a project we work upon to get desired result to individaul as per their need .We are proud to be the result oriented clinic in vadodara.

Apart from weight loss we also provide services such as inch loss, body shaping, toning, firming ,beauty treatment .We also offer Non surgical lipo suction treatment.


No needles, No pain,No surjery,No side effect,No healing time No Hospitalisation,No crash dieting,No compulsary suppliment

    Benefits of slimming junction

  • Body analysis and counseling
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Achieve inch loss
  • Shapes the bottom and thighs
  • Improves the better looking of skin
  • Relief muscular pains
  • Help to regain the shape of abdominal muscles and regain
    the original figure especially women after child birth
  • Helps to increase the blood circulation
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Energize body
  • Nutrition management
  • Food suppliments for various ailment
  • More stress on natural resources
  • Most suitable for person with knee problem
  • Helps to maintain weight after targeted weight loss

We  provide detail body check up for various other disease and provide suppliment support to help cure disease

We also provide Natural therapy on thermal massage bed which helps to provide relief on various problem such as back pain,BP,diabetics, etc







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